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Sep 21, 2010 6:00pm EDT
simms is live outside court side -- courthouse east. >> germain murray said he watched the surveillance videos on the internet. he did report what he saw or heard the people were that he could identify to police until more than one month after the crime. >> once again, they reviewed surveillance video is. this security officer told he called police and identify the defendants. special police officer in jermaine murray said he saw the videos online. marie identified charles mcganey and jerome williams. he said he had another -- a number of encounters with them about loitering. as he watched one video, he pointed to the person in the middle and describe what he called "a funny walk" buying one of the men. in another video and he identified mcganey saying he saw a side view of his face. they're using his testimony to bolster their case against the three men accused in the september 2008 murder of former baltimore city council member ken harris and the robbery of the new haven lounge. the defense questioned his special security certification and whether that allowed him to perform duties at
FOX News
Sep 27, 2010 6:00pm EDT
state, the senate race there has incumbent democrat murray, the "mom in continue necessary shoes," going negative against republican challenger. the real clear politics has murray up 6 percent. chief political correspondent is in seattle with a look at another tide senate matchup. >> three term senator murray of washington is a top g.o.p. target for defeat with a liberal voting record, an obama ally in washington, dc, and pounding republican rival as a naysayer pushing failed policies of the past. >> he did not support the community bank lending bill that creates jobs here on main street. they know i will go to work for this and fight to bring home investments that create jobs and he opted out. >> he is a successful real estate developer and unsuccessful gubernatorial candidate does not have tea party movement to attack murray so he hammers her as a washington, dc insider, himself. >> they do not know she has been there 18 years. they don't know she is number four in leadership. which is why you see every picture with hear harry reid and pelosi. neither have received financial help from
Sep 27, 2010 5:30am EDT
to introduce you to one of those stories and to two of those people. murray fisher of the new york harbor school, a public high school that's transformed one district in brooklyn. nate dudley is the principal at the harbor school which just completed its move to governor's island. as you see on this map here, that is just south of us here in manhatt manhattan. guys, great to see you. >> great to be here. >> full disclosure, murray is a very old friend of mine. nate is a good friend of mine as well. only a good friend would get up at this hour in the rain. murray, let's start with the idea you had, god, almost a decade ago now. how did you come up with the idea for this school, and how did you start? how did you go about putting it in place? >> well, the harbor school is a maritime and environmental focus public high school. i was working after college, after vanderbilt for robert kennedy jr. at the river keeper and then afterwards at the water keeper alliance. my role is helping new water keepers start. i found all over the country people were invigorated about protecting their local wate
FOX News
Sep 29, 2010 12:00am EDT
. murray in trouble. gillibrand is in trouble. toomey is going to win in pennsylvania. >> those are all the federal races. these an article today that talked about the state races. watch the wave it is not just going to be on the federal level but the state level, county level. state policy is also affecting the outcome of federal races. >> you follow politics at that level. let me give you a grass roots ground floor anecdotal story about the vote the president has lost. ran into a guy worked in the hotel industry for 30 years he works $35,000 a year. he has just lost his zero deductible on health care. it is now $1500 a year. that man has just taken a whooping hit and he doesn't like it. >> sean: he's losing independence. we saw that in massachusetts, virginia and new jersey. here's the question, as we head into this election and see the state of the economy. we see the problems politically that he has. anything that this president can do at this late hour, rally or no rally? >> that's why he's flailing around, blaming fox, blaming bush. >> i think he could step back. get off the stage
FOX News
Sep 29, 2010 9:00pm EDT
ahead. >> sean: in the state of washington, senator murray is fighting for her political life. unfortunately for her, skeletons are coming out of the closet that i'm sure she would rather forget. something the senator said about osama bin laden in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. we played the clip on hannity & colmes in three, take a look. >> he's been out of this country for decades, building schools, roads, intrastructure, health care facilities and the people are grateful he made their lives better. we have not done that. >> sean: comments like that can perhaps explain why murray's lead has slipped to one point in her race with challenger rossi. the latest poll has murray with 48%, rossi with 47. that is within the margin of error. joining me with reaction to this, and ann coulter. -- >> i did comments before coming here with people pointing out that was unfair she is the stupidest person on the planet. >> sean: not just in america. >> the skeleton -- a skeleton has a higher i.q.. i never want to hear about christine o'donnell not being smart enough or sarah palin who has a m
Sep 15, 2010 11:00pm PDT
medical supervision as he prpds fprepared for his concerts. dr. murray faces a trial of manslaughter. murray says he was hired by the company to be jackson's ferpersl physician, but that jackson died before signing that agreement, making it non-binding. >>> a robber dressed in drag. a man in a mini skirt, stilettos and a whole lot of pink robbed a shell station and attacked a woman just after 9:00 last night. investigators say there was another incident back in january where a person dressed in drag robbed a bank. last night's cross-dressing bandit apparently forgot to complete the whole on utfit wit gloves. >>> which star had a baby boy this morning, and did he show up for work tonight? >> joe montana literally letting it li now. we're back in a mommy. our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter app
Sep 5, 2010 5:00pm PDT
. kendrick scores and the angels win 7-4. >>> the u.s. open had one upset. murray bites the dust. for the women, kim christ sir -- clijsters moves on as does venus williams. match point for ven venus who didn't play that well. but she uncorks a forehander that peer can't handle. venus has a straight set victory. men's third round action, nadal taking on simone. look at this. whips the forehand cross-court winner. not fair. nadal's serve has not been broken in the tournament. rafa advances to the fourth round with a straight set victory. >>> pga playoffs, third round, deutsche bank championships in transportation boston. start with tiger, the third. the pretty flop shot leads to a birdie. minus-7. top 70 advance next week. phil mickelson, back in contention. on the par-4 15th. his third. told his caddie he was going to chip it in. and he does. 67 for lefty. 12-under. to 18. brandt snedeker. hitting into a hazard and needing to chip in for par. and the delivers a clutch shot. one back of jason day. cards a 66. a one-stroke lead. >> see you at 6:00 with andy murray's highlights. >>
Sep 6, 2010 9:00am PDT
at the french the way murray does in england -- oh, the boy he seemed to yesterday. talk about laying an egg. got to hand it so wawrinka though. tremendous match. bill: monfils has looked good. john: that's the shot that's going to win him a big event if he's able to do that consistently. bill: there are times when he can look lethargic out there. but seems to be extra motivated against gasquet. john: that's true. that's a good point. that's what he's capable of. that's why i think he should never stand that far back. he did that in france. he got a couple of sets on murray the first round. and blew that two sets to love lead. monfils played a match at the french that went later than any match that's ever been played. it was so dark out there. jim: that was crazy. john: it was insane and they were still playing. which is why the france are thinking about a new stadium and lights. jim: either that or issue night visioning go tolls the players. bill: and it gets dark later too. near 10:00, something like that? john: it was a couple of mens before 10:00. jim: more racket switching here from mon
Sep 15, 2010 5:30pm PDT
is enough for and an intentional wrongdoing. -- anm unintentional wrongdoing. >> mr. murray will be afforded with additional time as well. >> good evening. jarvis murray, mta taxis. the only issue here is there is no new material or different evidence that would change the outcome of this matter. this complaint has been going on since march 2009. throughout mr. hollis's brief i did not receive adequate briefing as to why the information he put together was not received at an earlier time throughout all the other briefings for the underlying hearing as well as those here at the board of appeals. much of the evidence that he put together in his brief has already been argued, discussed, and submitted. much of the rationale he has complained of has already been decided by the hearing officer as well as the board of appeals. mr. hollis during his hearing did not dispute the coverage. he simply tried to rationalize why he did not have workers' compensation coverage. it appears he is now saying he did have the coverage. i think his credibility is in question on these issues. again, these are issues
Sep 15, 2010 11:00pm EDT
. was responsible for providing dr. conrad murray with life saving equipment. the company is responsible for the actions of murray. jackson died of an overdose of an an he is et i can. >>> central park may become a smoke free environment. the city is considering an application to ban smoking at all. violate ors could be issued a quality of life summons from the parks department. >>> well the wife of the vice president dr. jill biden was at the junior college today. she was there to stress the importance of education. more on the veteran message. >> security tight at an a ran do community college as jill biden meets with students and faculty promoting the obama administrations. >> president obama said he wants to meet the goal by 2020 for our nation, for america to have the highest number of college graduates. >> reporter: dr. biden has taught at community colleges for the past 17 years and currently teaches english at northern virginia community college. >> i always say you are my heroes because what you're doing is so hard and you're persevering. >> reporter: dr. biden toured several fa
FOX News
Sep 28, 2010 12:00am EDT
: and patty murray in washington? >> patty murray go go either way. roxy has gotten his act together in the last couple days and is out there answering patty murray's charges. >> sean: why are you so confident? he has a great ad on. a great thing he said. murray criticized him saying he's the tool of wall street. he said you supported tarp. who is the tool? >> why do you -- i'm not confident. i'm concerned about sharon angle a little bit in nevada. >> harry read is dead in the water. >> sean: why? >> he hasn't moved since august 1. nobody likes him to start with. only thing that the second breath when. >> tacking sharon angle over social security and medicare this, group americans for new put on a full quote of sharon angle. she said she wanted him not to raise raid the lock box. he had a budget of 45 in 75 weeks. he's dead in the water. >> sean: you've been saying anyone undecided at this late hour is going break for the party out of power. how important? what do you see in the gubernatorial races? a lot of governorships up for race. >> i think we're going to win, the
Sep 16, 2010 4:00pm EDT
weesday, aeg is accused of taking control of michael's health after it hired conrad murray as michael's doctor. someone who was selected by, hired by and controlled by aeg, says the suit. and it goes on to claim aeg demanded and prird michael jackson be treated by this particular doctor to ensure that michael jackson would attend all rehearsals and shows on the tour. ♪ according to the suit, michael did miss a rehearsal during the final week of his life. and as aresult, aeg's ceo paid aisit to his home. the suit states, aeg threatened that if jackson missed any further rehearsals, ey were going to pull the plug on the show. aeg told murray that he had to make sure jackson got to rehearsals. they said it was to be tough love, and that they had read jackson the riot act. when michael did finally make it to rearsals late that night, witnesses confirm that michael jackson was not himself that day. calling him visibly shaken. then at another rehearsal days before michael's death, the suit described michael as breathing cold and shivering. now the suitlaims aeg had a legal responsibility
Sep 5, 2010 11:15pm EDT
6-3 to advance to the quarter finals. >>> on the men's side fourth seed andy murray was sent parking by stanislav warenka. >> we need another time out but one of the best football players in the country is coming up. the story of cyrus quandro is coming up next.   . >> fox 5 news at 11 is brough to you in hd by verizon fios.  [ music ] >> this is fox 5 sports extra. [ music ] >> welcome back. each year demapa high school produces some of the best these in the country. many go on to have successful careers in college and the pros. you can add one more football player to that list. here is dave ross. >> you've got to have loyalty. >> you've got to have each other. loyalty for the coaches. loyalty to demaps. >> reporter: demafa football, one of the most storied programs in the country. >> you can do anything you can. >> reporter: while most of the kids are homeground one of the newest stag stars cyrus quandro. comes all the way from cameron. >> i got here when i was four- year-old. i started playing football when i was in, what, 8th grade. so i just kind of
Sep 16, 2010 2:35am EDT
to honor its agreement to provide jackson's physician, conrad murray, with proper life-saving equipment. investigators say dr. murray gave jackson the powerful drug propofol, causing an overdose. the death was ruled a homicide. so in a lawsuit filed in los angeles superior court the jackson family alleges that promoters were negligent in hiring murray, who was to be paid $150,000 a month. the family says aeg had a legal obligation to protect jackson from harm, that the promoter put profits ahead of safety, and now seek unspecified damages. dr. murray was not named as a defendant in this lawsuit. he's pleaded not guilty to charges. his attorneys want his case dismissed before it goes to trial in january. aeg says the contract with jackson is non-binding because jackson didn't sign it before his death. a death that has had an impact on his family, his children, and his fans. brad wheelis, abc news, los angeles. vinita and rob? >>> a fugitive wanted for rape for 40 years is finally under arrest in pennsylvania. police say russell pierce periodically called to see if he was still a wanted m
Sep 19, 2010 10:00pm EDT
to like -- and i had to go into a hospital then. >> reporter: leah murray was born win verted heart vessels requiring open heart surgery -- with inverted heart vessels requiring open heart surgery, angioplasty and a stent. his parents drove in from pittsburgh so he could thank his doctors. >> thank you for fixing my heart and i love being at the party. >> a lot of times we see them when they are sick and we don't see them later on when they grow up and are well. so this is a way for us to celebrate in terms of how well they're doing. >> reporter: the doctors also invited a different kind of cardiac patient to the party. the kids were thrilled to see dogs with heart problems like their own. >> i like to see the dogs and some of them have heart defects, so i think that's really cool. >> reporter: their parents say these kids tend to grow up too fast because they've had very grown-up surgeries. so it's nice to remember that a dog can sometimes bring out the little kid in all of us. in mcclain, tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >> daniel's mother says he has to have heart surgery every couple
Sep 22, 2010 12:00pm EDT
-- yesterday, jermaine murray testified that he identified gary collins and charles mcganey from surveillance video. he says he frequently dealt with them because of loitering. the defense argued that the testimony should be deemed inadmissible because he did not have permission to work on the day in question. attorneys also question the time stamp on that video. >> as we all know, you can change the time on the vcr. you can correct it, or try to correct it. if you do not corrected, it will not be correct on the picture. >> will have the latest on the proceedings live tonight. a preview of a new height scene investigation is next. an nbc hit joins its 12th season tonight. premier work continues. >> could move as a good food, bad mood i eat that food. >> something really unusual is that to happen tomorrow in a baltimore county court room. the case is routine. the suspect as a man who made his living as a lawyer. we will track and down to ask where the money is? here is jayne miller. >> it has been a painful six years. he was injured in a car accident -- she was injured in a car accident in 200
Sep 16, 2010 2:05am PDT
equipment to jackson's physician, conrad murray, that could have saved his life. murray, though, is not named in the suit. the mother filed the suit on behalf of the superstar's three children. she is seeking unspecified damages. >>> pope benedict is spending the next four days in britain. it is the only -- it is only, rather, the second time a pope has ever set foot on british soil. >> and the pope will face controversy as he arrives. lama hasan joins us from our london bureau with a preview. good morning, lama. >> good morning to you both. well, yes, there is some controversy, but it's also a significant visit as the british prime minister david cameron said this will be an important and historic trip because not since 1982 has a pope visited the united kingdom. and this will be pope benedict xvi first state visit, one that is hoped will be an opportunity to re-energize the roman catholic church here in britain. and it's an expensive trip. the cost is estimated at $18 million plus $2 million just for security. the pontiff has a packed schedule. he will to
Sep 16, 2010 4:00am PDT
. katherine jackson is claiming that aeg live failed to provide the singer's personal doctor, conrad murray, with equipment, that could have saved her son's life. murray is not named in the suit. katherine jackson is seeking unspecified damages for her family. >>> it was a day of dramatic testimony of a murder trial in connecticut. a doctor lived through the brutal attack, but his wife and doctors did not. richard cantu reports, now, on the very emotional case. >> reporter: the day after dr. william petit testified on the brutal attack on his family, he broke down sobbing in court, as jurors were shown photos of his two daughters. they die aid long with their mother, when their connecticut home was invaded two years ago. petit was beaten and tide to a pole in his basement. with his legs still bound, he popped and rolled to a neighbor's house for help. surveillance video shows petit's wife, jennifer, at a bank that morning, trying to withdraw $15,000 in cash. >> what's your emergency? >> we have a lady who is in our bank right now who says her husband and children are being held at their hou
Sep 20, 2010 4:25am EDT
thought it would be. >> if can i sell this, i can sell just about anything. >> reporter: dana murray has become the real estate agent. >> lease look around. there are no square feet. >> reporter: built in 1969, murray has been told the home is centered around a 2 # foot cement structure and secured by support cables that stretch all the way outside. >> it is not really made out of wood. it is made out of this stuff. >> reporter: the moled roof and walls are made up of layers burr laugh, chicken wire, two by twos and lots of foam. >> i'm told it is incredibly strong. >> reporter: the original owns are have passed but their daughter remembers helping make the house when she was just 14 years old. >> she said it was fun to decide how we formed the walls and which way they should turn. mom didn't like a wall that was over here so she took something and cut it out and foamed right over it. >> reporter: in 197 0rbg the home was fee newsworld life magazine, and has since hosted countless events and for many considered a piece of local history. >> this would be like a really fun party house. >>
Sep 28, 2010 12:00am EDT
christine o'donnell, there is no one stupider in politics than patty murray, democrat of washington. >> there it is. we were doing so well. >> so don't talk about christine o'donnell, but she would definitely -- you don't need to be smart to be a senator. all you do is vote. she will definitely vote right, and sorry one more quick point. >> not as supd as the stupidist person. >> a democrat and we're not making fun of patty murray all the time. >> larry: we'll set up a patty murray/christine o'donnell debate. >> yes. >> larry: featured on "family guy." >> can sarah palin moderate it, please. that will be perfect. >> she's very smart. >> sarah palin. >> i spent a little bit of time with sarah palin and i didn't get that to her. her knowledge to the issues was very, very low, embarrassingly low. >>ration kids in alaska, running wasilla. >> running mayberry. that's the problem. that's why she shouldn't be running for national office. >> she isn't. that's how how smart she is. >> whatever, and the issue with o'donnell, i don't think she's that bright but most importantly i don't think s
Sep 19, 2010 6:00am EDT
. there was a woman who graduated from howard law school, named fuel lien murray. pauline murray, outstanding lawyer. eventual became a minister and writer. she was a cofounder of the national oanization of women. and to your point, what she suggested was that we amend the constitution further and adopt the u.n. declaration of human rights as part what she called a human rights amendment. and so there are people that wouldn't say it is in conflict necessarily but in order to make it clear this is about human rights generally to adopt the u.n. declaration. but that was her proposal. so somepeople are thinking along those lines. >> kenan, i'm sorry. mr. mack. >> in response to the gentleman's question about whether or not the 14th amendment making african-american citizens violated their right to self-determination, african-americans thought they were citizens. they voted in many northern states, actually voted in southern states until 1830. the exercised the right to citizenship. those rights were taken away and in particar the citizenshi of clause of the 14th amendment was designed to overrule the t
FOX News
Sep 27, 2010 9:00pm EDT
could still go either way but i think it going to be a victory for -- murray and could go either way. rossi has gotten his act together in the last couple of days and is aggressively out there answering murray's charges. >> sean: why are you so confident -- get. >> has a great ad on. he said, murray criticized him and said he's the tool of wall street. so rossi said, i opposed tarp, you supported it, who is the tool? great comeback. >> sean: i am not as confident, i'm concerned about sharron angle in nevada. >> harry reid is dead in the water. he hasn't moved since august 1st. nobody liked him to start with. he only gained a second breath when he tacked sharron angle over social security and medicare. then group americans put on the full quote of angle when she said she wanted them to raise the lock box. when people saw reid was lying in his ad, he hasn't budgeted in seven weeks. he's dead in the water. >> sean: i think anybody that is undecided at this late hour is going with to break for the party out of power. >> yeah. >> sean: what do you see in the gubernato
Sep 9, 2010 9:00am EDT
with his own job than the party. let's bring in nbc deputy political director mark murray. michael steele, campaign kickoff week and first i thought it was a punch line finding out michael steele was not in the united states. >> chuck, you're exactly right. the period after labor day officially marks the beginning of campaign season. but michael steele has during this time been in guam, the northern mare anna islands. hardly battleground states. >> correct me if i'm wrong. they don't have a member of congress, right? to actually count toward the majority. go ahead. >> that is correct, chuck. the rnc says that michael steele raising money for republican candidates and committees. however, when you look at the -- this might be not about the midterms but the next rnc chairman's race. because this territory like guam has vote in the next year's rnc chairman race so that's what critics are pointing out. of course, the rnc is plagued by bad news stories. chief among them, the fact that the rnc has $5 million in the bank with additional $2 million in debt. all creating a lot of angst among repub
Sep 12, 2010 8:00am EDT
. well, mark murray is deputy political director. it's a busy sunday. good moning. >> good morning. >> first up, let's look at delaware. republican congressman mike castle is facing the challenge by the tea party favorite chstine o'donnell. if o'donnell wins the primary, does that help democrats in the general election? >> it does probably help. kristin o'donnell ha been endorsed by sarah palin and al south carolina senator ji demint. mike castle is the overwhelmin favorite not only to win the primary but also to win in the general election. remember, this is joese biden's old senate seat. and republicans are looking for a pickup. if o'donnell is able to pull off e upset, we saw joe miller pull off the upset in alaska against lisa murkowski, democrats think tir candidate chris koontz would have a better chance to win the contest. just like the map you just saw, this entire cycle we're playing on democratic turf and delaware is one of the pieces. >> let's get to il noise. alex il giannoulias is neck and neck with mark kirk. >> this is probably the purest 0/50 contest out there. bot
Sep 15, 2010 9:00am EDT
for a look at some of these key race last night, mark murray. and mark, a lot of peoples obviously talking about delaware, but also new hampshire's race, too close to call, as chuck just mentioned. i had a white house official argue to me today, don't just say this is anti-incumbent that's going on across the board, it's really anti-incumbent sentiment going on within the republican primaries. >> i think that there is some truth to that, savannah. you look, there really does seem to be a purge that's being conducted within the republican party. it's actually something that dates back to last year. remember when arlen specter defected to the democratic party, and in the spring, charlie crist had to quit the florida senate republican primary. we saw bob bennett lose in utah. a lot of this is occurring on the republican side. now, there have been some democratic incumbents who have lost their primaries for re-election. we saw alan mull hahn in west virginia, carolyn kilpatrick lose. but those had to do more with ethical issues than ideological issues, but what really playing out on the republ
Sep 22, 2010 2:00pm EDT
in the party can't? mark murray joins us from washington, d.c. mark, you noted that mrs. obama will visit five states in your top ten senate takeover list. >> exactly. as you mentioned, in this political environment, democrats can use all the help that they can get. certainly the first lady is going to help democrats in the most competitive contests in the country. she's going into five contests starting on october 13th in wisconsin for russ feingold. she'll go to illinois. the next day, to colorado for michael bennett. and then later on to california and washington state for barbara boxer and patty murray. these are all toss-up contests. also, contests that democrats can win even in this political environment. >> we pointed out, mark, the first lady's favorability rating is at 66%. some might say that is because she has stayed out of the political fray and tackled issues like military families and helping them and the issue of obesity. is this a risky move, putting her in such tight races? >> well, potentially. although it would be riskier to keep her out of the -- off the campaign trail, giv
FOX News
Sep 30, 2010 1:00pm EDT
was in high school, while a democrat like patti murray who is a senator out of washington state gets a pass for saying osama bin laden is outbuilding daycare centers. something she said after 9/11. we'll debate politics and double standards with meghan mccain next. hidden cameras turned up on our border, the outraged reaction after we showed the tape to a formal top official at homeland security. and did the times square bomb err have help -- bomber have help trying to pull off his attack. we'll show you what would have hand if that bomb had gone off. megyn: fox news extreme weather alert for you now. driving rain and down the east coast at this morning. reports of airport delays and high water and tree limbs fall into train tracks leading to amtrak delays as well. tornado and flash flood warnings are in effect for parts of the mid-atlantic region. 9 inches of rain fell in one north carolina county in just six hours. incredible. here is a question for you, is there a double standard when it comes to women and politics? that's a question being raised by some conservatives about media coverag
Sep 26, 2010 4:30pm PDT
and mike murray says conditions must be controlled. >> you have to watch out for humidity so the eggs don't lose too much water too quickly because just like a bird egg they are relatively porous. >> their natural instinct would take them on a dangerous journey in the oil contaminated waters. >> once they hit the water they are known to swim for 48 hours straight at a very high speed to get away from the surf line. >> biologists say there are an estimated 70,000 turtle eggs that need to be dug up and transported to florida's contend did i space center for hatching. ideally the ones that survive will be brat back to the atlantic ocean. >> monterey bay aquarium says if needed they are prepared to care for some of the gulf turtles. >> this is the first time they have had young turtle on display and is ready for a gulf refugee. >> we have an ability to take them in and give them care until time they can be released. >> seeing the turtles up close gives the visitors a special appreciation for efforts to hunt for the literate go eggs. >> it's definitely important, because the turtles are a big
Sep 22, 2010 11:00pm PDT
11 on the list, alex smith, 3.7 gpa, economics at utah. and douglas murray from cornell. rob, university of arizona. >> i would not be on that list. >> i'm san diego state, and miss pretty over here, northwestern. she should be on the list. >> chicago. >> thapnks for joining us with the news tonight. we'll be back tomorrow night.
Sep 5, 2010 6:00pm PDT
. andy murray is out upset by the 25th seed in the tournament. venus williams having a little trouble early on, but she survived. she beat pierce, 7-6, 6-3. this is the arthur ashe court there. venus advances to the quarterfinals where she is a regular. at bottom of the screen puts this thing away. nice lob. gets it over without the return. >>> we've been saying this for weeks, tiger woods in jeopardy of losing his number one ranked world title, but phil mickelson has struggle this summer but not this weekend. third round of the deutsche banc championship in boston. nice birdie for phil on this hole right here. here's the skinny for fill mikkelson now, tied for sixth place. if mickelson wants to take over the number one spot, he has to finish fourth place or better and tiger needs to finish out of the top 24 for that to happen. >>> final tloily tonight, a wil days for the sharks. the ceo abruptly resigned and now an old friend wants to return, but the sharks say no thank you to the old friend. owen nolan, one of the most popular players in franchise history, said i want to end my care
Sep 16, 2010 4:00am PDT
physical care for jackson and was negligent in hiring dr. conrad murray. >>> finally, "people" is out with its best dressed list. here you go. zoe saldana is the red carpet queen. gwen stefani is the hip mom. rihanna is the runaway. olivia palermo is the uptown girl. jessica alba is the mix master. jennifer anniston, the american classic. rachel bilson is the denim darling. kate middleton, the princess in waiting. >>> this comes to us from wlbt-tv3 in jackson, mississippi, where one cat just might win the mother of the year award. emmy, the cat, welcomed a squirrel to her brood when the abandoned critter fell from its nest and was too strong to climb back up. now, the squirrel is part of emmy's kittens. she's sleeping and nursing together. the only problem is now the adaptive squirrel thinks it's a cat and, according to the owner, it purrs like one, too. i'm lynn berry. this is "early today" on your nbc station. >>> for those short on time and on the go, it seems there's always a solution, at least according to one imam in france who has developed a mosque in a box for those too busy
Sep 5, 2010 6:00pm PDT
pick to win his first major this year. but watch this shot here. backhand winner, murray loses in four sits. top see, nadal, taking on simone. nadal cruising. check out this point. the great give by nadal. nobody runs as well as he does. the then a forehand cross-court winner. match point, nadal, ace. his serve has not been broken. advances to the fourth round with a straight sets victory. >> pga playoff, the deutsche bank championship tpc boston. start with tiger, par-5 18th. a pretty flop shot. leads to a birdie and 2-under 9. only the top 70 advance to next week others event. phil mickelson back in contention. his third. told his caddie he would chip in it, and he does. 67 for lefty, 12-under. 18, brandt snedeker. needs to chip in for par. and he does. he stays at 16-under. one back of jason day. drops him to 17-under, cards a 66, a one-stroke lead going into tomorrow. >> alan: coming up next, george clooney shootstststststststststs >> alan: george clooney's new film, "the american," captured the top spot at the box office. it features clooney as an assassin taking a breather in ita
Sep 5, 2010 11:00pm PDT
a break point. she will be in the quarterfinals. andy murray is not so lucky. he gets whacked and it was a popular pick and check out this point. he will go across court and no, down the line. pga playoffs and the third round and that's at tpc boston. he was going to chip it in and sure enough he does. 67 for lefty and he is 12 under. to 18 and after hitting into the hazard and it stays at 16 under. he is one back of jason and 15 for birdie. it drops into 17 under and he carves a 68. monday is the final round. nascar's sprint cup series and the night belongs to tony stewart. he had his first victory since october of last year. carl edwards takes second and jimmie johnson is third. only one race remains until the chase are to the sprint cup championship. and the playoff, winners over boston improves to 15, 3 and 5. and it was their first ever win in houston. hue son used to be the -- houston used to be the san -- san jose earthquakes. >>> that is it. i'm alan wang. for leigh, shu, and all of us, thanks for staying up late. good night, everyone. [ female announcer ] back to scho
Sep 5, 2010 5:30pm PDT
with a straight set win today. that means next up is the four seed, andy murray. he falls apart after winning the first set losing in four. women's side, venus williams is a little off today. she tugged at her skirt most of the match. even in her less than best effort it was good enough. third round pga bank open, tiger woods in trouble at 18. the rough stuff lands on the green. 69 for woods. his second straight round in the 60s. he is still 10 shots behind. jason day isn't going anywhere. apparently 66 today. he has a one shot lead. phil mickelson is lurking five shots back. >> mickelson's approach hits the flag stick, rolls back off the green. the same thing happened to mickelson on the same hole, same place. his memory this time served him well. birdy. 67 today. if he finishes fourth or better he could take over the world's number one ranking from tiger woods. one of the raiders goals this off season was to improve the awful run defense. all the new faces will get a big test next sunday when they take on chris johnson and the tight taints. >> we will have our hands full. you turn on espn,
Sep 5, 2010 6:30pm PDT
is the four seed, andy murray. he falls apart after winning the first set losing in four. women's side, venus tugging at her skirt most of the match. she will meet francesca evone in the third round. >>> third round pga bank open, tiger woods in trouble at 18. the rough stuff lands on the green. 69 for woods. his second straight round in the 60s. he is still 10 shots behind. jason day is the leader, not going anywhere. 66 today. one shot lead over brandt. phil mickelson is lurking five shots back. >> mickelson's approach hits the flag stick, rolls back off the green. the same thing happened to mickelson on the same hole, same place. his memory this time served him well. he chipped from off the green. 67 today. if he finishes fourth or better he could take over the world's number one ranking from tiger woods. >>> one of the raiders goals this off season was to improve the awful run defense. anyway, with all the new faces, they will get a big test next sunday when they take on chris johnson and the titans. >> we will have our hands full. you turn on espn, he is in the fantasy league. we are not
Sep 19, 2010 7:30pm PDT
. >> so we salute olga murray they call the mother teresa of nepal. to contribud to her foundation we posted a link at our website at if you want more information for our stories, go to our webte and look under the news links on the left side for assignment 7. that's allor this edion of assignme 7. i'm eric thos. thanks for joining us. we'll see u next time. [ femalannouncer ] back to school means back to busy mornings. that'why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel warm flaky pastry withelicious sweet filling my kids will le. plus i get two boxtops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want eat. and these are the ones you'll love on a tuesd. pillury crescent dogs, with just a few ingredients, you have an easy to make dinner. they're crescent for the other 364. try them tonight.
Sep 9, 2010 10:34am EDT
dignity for a paycheck. >> it was not scripted, sir. >> judge murray was just getting started, getting even more harsh. >> you seem to be acting like lindsay lohan wanna be in this matter. going through life rude, profane, obnoxious and self-indulgent is not the way you want to live your life. >> snooki stood there and took it. her lawyer jumped to her defense saying she lived a good life with the love of animals and charity work. >> this was a bad day, i think we all have those days from time to time, judge. >> reporter: in a plea deal with prosecutors, snooki slipped away without jailtime. interfering with the enjoyment of the quiet use of the beach by others. her punishment 2rx $00 fine and two days of community service. with one day already served at a nearby zoo. snooki forced to give back to the town that made her famous. >> there's actually a local ordinance here at msnbc, don't disturb the peace of chris jansing while others are around. >> what was that quote, that is my favorite line of the day. >> yeah. it's funny. local ordinances. so, that's part of this deal. look, they dr
Sep 16, 2010 5:00am EDT
for jackson and was negligent in hiring dr. conrad murray. >>> finally, "people" is out with its best dressed list. here we go. zoe saldana is the red carpet queen. gwen stefani is the hip mom. olivia palermo is the uptown girl. jessica alba is the mix master. jennifer anniston, the american classic. rachel bilson is the denim darling. kate middleton, the princess in waiting. and bill karins is the weather guy. >> don't go there. did you come up with those names or that's what the magazine -- >> that's what the magazine -- i'm not that creative. the daring darling. i spent all morning preparing for this. no, thankfully i have more important things to do. >>> i'm lynn berry this is "first look" on msnbc. stay tuned, "way too early" with willie geist starts right now. >>> christine o'donnell, day two. one day after trashing her in public, establishment republicans circle the wagons around the tea party candidate who sprung the upset in delaware what does o'donnell say in a clip from her past that has detractors lathered up this morning. >>> and mahmoud ahmadinejad tells andrea mitchell his coun
Sep 16, 2010 12:00pm PDT
the cardiologist hired to care for the singer. dr. murray faces involuntary manslaughter charges. he's pleaded not guilty. >>> this morning a special bikeride got underway in southern santa clara county. several bicyclists left morgan hill for a long ride and a bike show in las vegas. it's a 660-mile journey designed to raise awareness for breast cancer. they will ride more than a hundred miles a day. they are scheduled to arrive in las vegas next saturday. >>> pope benedict xvi made his strongest comments yet about the sex abuse crisis saying the church did not act quickly enough. and what bay area sex abuse survivors are saying about that? that's tonight at 5:00. our next newscast is the channel 2 news at 5:00. we will see you then.
Sep 28, 2010 4:30pm PDT
. this was a scene as the man was distraught and threaten to drive off the san leandro murray added to the water. according to a store or nearby by the time the suspect was taken into custody the front end of the van was already submerged. officers broke the rear window and pulled the man sale. as he could see the ban was later towed. in san francisco bay. district three people were injured and nine others have been displaced after fire broke out at home. it the fire happened at 1130 last night at the 200 block of madison avenue. fire fighters are able to contain the fire but the house was severely damaged. the fire burned two cars and three people were treated for smoke inhalation and the fire was said to have started behind a couch but the exact cause is not been determined. in san jose fire chief william macdonald announced a reward for the rest of whoever's as possible for the trace elementary school fire. this is video from the fire back in july, the firefighters donated $10,000 for the reward and happened july 5th and cause more than $10 million in damage. it burned for the library and tor
Sep 2, 2010 12:30am PDT
to his defense. our correspondent has been to andy murray -- his home village. >> he put this tiny village on the map. everyone knows him and everyone has been shocked by allegations. it is a simple background from which she comes from. this is the street where he grew up. the fact is in a place like this the kind of money he was offered constitutes much more than many people's annual salary. inside the courtyard of their home, his family insists the money would not have attracted him. >> i have spoken to him says his brother. he is upset by what is going on. he kept telling us please believe me. this will go away. >> this patch of grass is where he learned to play. we came across one of his former teachers. >> he was such a good student. he was poor but he was always respectful and a brilliant sportsmen. there was one catch which will always stick in my mind. there was no one here who believe he could have been influenced by that company, but if the claims are proven it could curtail a brilliant career. third >> for years it has been one of the best kept secrets, the identity of t
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